code 3333033
pack/size 2/6.6 lb
case gross weight 15 lbs
case dimensions 16x9x5
case cube 0.40
pallet ti/hi 10x10
pallet quantity 120
case upc 8420197014427
    Rosey Goat® is a one-of-a-kind semi-soft goat's milk cheese
    that is covered with fresh rosemary. This cheese has a soft
    and creamy texture that is delicately punctuated by the aroma
    and flavor of the Rosemary, which subtly lends its personality
    to the cheese during aging. Rosey Goat® is an ideal cheese for
    tapas and general snacking along with bread and your favorite
    red wine. Rosey Goat® joins her sister, Winey Goat®, a Spanish
    semi-soft goat cheese brushed with local red wine during its
    aging, to provide two interesting and uniquely fascinating
    cheese entries (the “Goat Girls”) to any cheese selection.